Women.VC is a non-profit initiative that promotes women in venture capital and investment industry. Our researchers work on gathering data from dozens of resources, informing media about achievements of female investors and their portfolio companies, providing professional advice and educational opportunities.   

Our ultimate goal is to increase numbers of women in the venture capital industry.

Much has been said about women being misrepresented in venture capital. We decided to act. Now, when Women.VC project is growing fast, we also need financial support. We are thankful and happy to have women investors who have backed us already, and looking forward to you becoming part of the team! Women.VC project is the best way to turn words into action and bring more women to the venture capital industry.    

You are very welcome to become our donor and join the Board of Advisors of Women.VC.  

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We will also highly appreciate any other donation to motivate the researches to move forward and make Women.VC project better and stronger! 


You can also become a Participating Member of Women.VC Community and get different benefits for your business and personal growth.