I’m black, female and gay. I am a triple threat to a lot of people, but not in a Beyoncé way.

Arlan Hamilton is a an emerging venture capital fund manager, Founder of Backstage Capital, early-stage investing in underrepresented startup founders. She believes to be the first black woman to lead an AngelList syndicate, creator of popular fanfic profile @ModernLWord.

Having founded and published the internationally distributed indie magazine INTERLUDE (“for chicks who like chicks”), blogged to an audience of 50,000 with “Your Daily Lesbian Moment,” and toured extensively as a live music production professional, she enters the venture investing world from an unconventional path.

Hamilton is looking for entrepreneurs who are black, Latino, gay or female — the kind of people who typically miss out on the money sloshing around Silicon Valley these days. Hamilton believes she’s the first black woman to lead a syndicate on the startup site.