Jodi Jahic is a Managing Partner of Aligned Partners, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm investing in lean early-stage startups in the mobile and cloud sectors. She has been investing in early-stage technology companies for over 15 years and is a noted wireless industry expert. As co-founder of Aligned Partners, Jodi is committed to aligning the interests of entrepreneurs and investors in the belief that the outcomes are always better when everyone is pulling the oars in the same direction. 

Previously, Jodi was a Managing Director of SCG, a fund focused on innovative models in lean startup growth. She also was a Principal and Venture Partner at Voyager Capital, where she led Voyager’s wireless sector team. Prior to joining Voyager Capital, Jodi was a Kauffman Fellow at Battery Ventures in Boston, Massachusetts, where she sourced and led investments in wireless data and semiconductor process control companies.

Fund's investment verticals: mobile and cloud delivered software and services.