We do this by utilizing our capital to invest and accelerate the most promising ideas that technology has to offer and bring those ideas worldwide for maximum effect.

Bridgette Lau is a Founding Partner at Social Capital. As a Board Partner, she led the Series A and is Director of Descomplica, one of the fastest growing education companies in the world, based in Brazil, as well as led investments in companies such as FreshGrade, Newsela, and Levo League.  

Previously, Brigette was the Founding COO of Social+Capital where she was responsible for overseeing all non-investing functions and was instrumental in the creation of the firm.  Earlier in her career, she was a sales executive at IBM and an Engineer at several Silicon Valley startups.  Brigette graduated from University of Waterloo in Computer Engineering and has an MBA from Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business.  

Apart from investing, Brigette is a strong advocate for her community.  She is an active board member for CodeNow, a non-profit organization focused on teaching underrepresented youth to code. She has co-founded several local food concepts  including Tin Pot Creamery, and is an active fundraiser for her community and a strong supporter of the arts.  

Brigette lives in Palo Alto, CA with her husband and three children.