Katie Rae is a Co-Founder and serves as Managing Director at Project 11 Ventures. She is also a Co-Founder and serves as Chairperson at Startup Institute. She acts as an Advisor to the SI team, mentor to the students and graduates, and moonlights as an amazing communication and team dynamics speaker during crosstrack sessions.

She was the Managing Director of Techstars Boston, a firm that invests in and assists early-stage startups. She has also been active as an educator, teaching a course with SI co-founder Reed Sturtevant on entrepreneurship at MIT's Sloan School of Management.

Katie specializes in rapid product development and customer growth strategies for Internet businesses that scale. She has spent her career building significant Internet businesses in the community, self-publishing and search spaces.

Most recently she was the Head of Product for Microsoft Startup Labs, an early stage product development lab focused on collaboration, location-based services and social applications, where concepts were tested for consumer enthusiasm.

Before that she was SVP of Product at Eons, a business focused on new products for 50+ community. Katie pioneered early freemium business models at Lycos for the Tripod and Angelfire communities. She learned the ropes of product and business development at AltaVista, RagingBull, Zip2 and Mirror Worlds.

She holds an MBA from Yale University and a BA in Biology from Oberlin College.