Elizabeth Stoner, MD, MS, joined MPM in 2007 as Managing Director. She is a co-founder of Rhythm Pharmaceuticals, and former Chief Development Officer. She also serves as the Chief Development Officer for Vascular Pharmaceuticals. Liz has also worked closely as an Advisor to Solasia and Sideris since its inception.

Prior to joining MPM, Liz had a distinguished 22-year career at the Merck Research Laboratories. In her last position as the Senior Vice President of Global Clinical Development Operations, she had responsibility for Merck’s clinical development activities in more than 40 countries. Her responsibilities also included the clinical development activities of Merck’s Japanese subsidiary and leadership for the development of Vytorin/Zetia for the Merck/Schering Plough Joint Venture. Previously she had led the 5-alpha reductase clinical development program from inception, establishing Merck as a leader in the field of prostate disease. As Endocrine Therapeutic Head at Merck, Liz’ responsibilities included all steroid and lipid metabolism, as well as the bisphosphonate and growth hormone secretagogueclinical research programs. Prior to joining the industry, Liz was an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Cornell University Medical College. Liz received a B.S. in Chemistry from Ottawa University, KS, and M.S. in Chemistry, SUNY at Stony Brook, and an M.D. degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Liz currently serves on the boards of Momenta Pharmaceuticals and Radius Health. She also serves on the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Board of Governors, and on the External Advisory Board of the Weill Cornell Medical College CTSA.

Fund's investment verticals: biotechnology, health care and medical device.