Workshop: Design Thinking For Your Life


Workshop: Design Thinking For Your Life

from 35.00

A serial tech author/inventor/entrepreneur who made the move from India to Silicon Valley is giving an interactive workshop on applying the framework of “Design Thinking” to scientifically figure out your optimal next steps in life. 

Topics covered will include tools for analysis, divergent and convergent thinking, re-design and tangibility of outcomes.

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Priya Kuber is an impact entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. Before coming to the valley, she started the now thriving maker movement in India and was the founding Managing Director of Arduino India. Priya firmly believes that the road to personal success and satisfaction is different for different people but the broad framework for success is the same and can be taught. She has implemented the scientific method of Design Thinking in her own life, time and again, to take decisions and place bets on non-mainstream ventures which paid off in the long run. 

Learn about her fascinating journey and strategies that got her to the center of a wide network and fulfilling life.

Free tickets for:
- Members of Women.VC;
- Members of White House SF.

The event will take place
on May 25, 2017
at White House SF, 4  Whiting Way, (Building numbered 81) 
San Francisco, from 10am till 1pm.