Workshop: Play Date With STEM


Workshop: Play Date With STEM

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Start your child’s weekend with a fun and educational playdate! Enjoy 6 hours of STEM activities which are tailor-made and taught by the creative maker and hackathon ninja Priya Kuber.

Both adults and their kids can participate to learn new STEM(Science Technology Engineering Math) activities that will encourage the child’s curiosity and interest in science.

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Priya Kuber is an impact entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. Before coming to the valley, she started the now thriving maker movement in India and was the founding Managing Director of Arduino India. Winning several hackathons and establishing herself as the creative genius of product design and prototyping, Priya's tools of choice span across hardware including Arduino and analog circuits, and software with the versatile python with android and iOS development.

She fell in love with electronics at age 12, while hanging out around her father's workshop. Learn from a self-taught maker in this day long workshop! Participants are requested to bring their own laptops.

The workshop will take place on:

Saturday, May 20, 2017
at 4 Whiting way, (Big White Building numbered 81)
San Francisco
from 11am till 5pm